Classes last approximately 1 hour.  Wear comfortable clothing for ease of movement.  Bring sufficient water to stay hydrated throughout workout.  Drumming equipment (fitness balls, tubs and drum sticks) will be provided.  However limited supplies will be available for drop-ins.  You are always welcome to call, text, or email FDF (above) to assure there is enough equipment, or you can bring your own (fitness ball and tub). 

Drumming classes are located on the second floor of the building, which requires climbing a set of stairs. 

If you cannot climb stairs, please contact us in advance to ask about possible alternatives.

Additional Classes may be added in the future.

Please contact FDF with questions, for pricing, and more information.

Due to coronavirus suggested restrictions cardio drumming classes have been temporarily suspended indefinitely, classes will resume once we are sure it is safe for us to do so.

Class Schedule

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