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Introducing FDF

Fun Drum Fitness, Cardio Drumming is FUN!


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I'm Karen, the owner of Fun Drum Fitness.

​Introducing people to FDF cardio drumming is my passion.  I love drumming, and I love sharing it with others. 

I encourage drummers to work according to their individual fitness level and abilities, putting in as much, or as little effort as they feel comfortable.

It's a freestyle class, meaning there are no choreographed moves for each song. The moves are based on the flow and energy of the song itself, the energy and abilities of the members of the class, and my desire to provide the best workout possible for all.  I change the music playlist for every class to keep each one feeling new, interesting and fun!

If you've never drummed before, your going to be surprised how much fun exercise can be.

If you've drummed before, but never attended a freestyle class, you're in for a real treat!

We rock, we roll, we kick, we squat, we bounce, we jiggle, we dance, we stretch, we laugh . . . we drum!

FDF Cardio Drumming, so much fun it doesn’t feel like exercise!